How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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Black Business Olympics, October Edition, Day 5, Evening Session [Video]

Black Entrepreneurs

Black Business Olympics, October Edition, Day 5, Evening Session

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The Black Business Olympics is one of the largest business showcases in the history of Black Business in the world. Our focus is on targeted learning, networking, building valuable new business relationships, and resourcing top corporations helping Business Owners and entrepreneurs take strategic action to improve their businesses immediately. Our mission is to give scholarships and laptops to students graduating from high school and heading to college or entrepreneurship.

We showcase Black Business on a global platform, to help leverage your brand virtually during the Black Business Expo USA / Olympics broadcasts.
• We have made a name for ourselves by raising scholarships for students and amplifying business to corporate ideas. This is what we do best. We excel at bringing black business, corporations, organization, and government agencies to our business, either by inviting you into our events, injecting a bit of North Carolina into yours, or better yet, dreaming up a combination of the two. Here is a chance to co-create an unforgettable gathering of minds and souls, determined to play part in changing the live of students.
• At BLACK BUSINESS EXPO EVENTS, we are inviting you on a bold voyage into the black business virtual expo event territory. We can guarantee thrilling glimpses of global business landscape and corporate culture. This journey could not matter more to our students and businesses worldwide.
• “We believe… that the Black Business Expo USA can raise ten laptops computers and ten scholarships each year for students in high school studying to attend college by an event that showcases business and corporation through community engagement, economic inclusion and diversity inclusion in North Carolina.
• “We believe… we need to find and tell our incredible black business stories from across our organization that are often overlooked. We need to bring these stories to the forefront and share them with the North Carolina corporations through compelling events that resonates with people.”
• “We believe… we need to connect with thought leaders, black businesses and corporations to share a brand mission and message of funding student scholarships.”
• “We believe… we need unique ways to recharge creatively and reinvigorate connections between our brand mission, black businesses and corporations and the businesses at-large.”
• “We believe… we need a flexible event, yet powerful platform to help us rethink scholarship funding by, black businesses and corporations, inside and out – from professional development to marketable brand awareness.”
• “We believe… we need to tap into the most innovative global thinkers, black businesses and corporations to ponder what’s new and what’s next – listening, learning, and sharing their own perspective.”
• “We believe… we can enhance black businesses and corporate brand building storytelling by improving ongoing brand development, recruitment and retention efforts.”
• “We believe… companies need compelling ways to position their business and corporate brands at the forefront of innovative thinking on diversity inclusion, community engagement and economic development.”
• “We Believe… to tell a captivating story to the world about black businesses and corporate diversity, community engagement, business evolution.
“We believe… the development of a new products and service, reaching influential attendees worldwide on our virtual platform will help companies to expand their reach for global opportunities.”

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