How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
How to Supercharge your Digital Marketing with Desire Paths
12 Steps to Create Videos


Marketing for Minority Owned Businesses


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About TCC21: The Cool Classroom (AKA The Computer Classroom) TCC21 channel is for teachers and students to learn more about businesses, computers, getting a job, saving your money, and surviving in the real world. Ms. Todoric, BUSINESS & COMPUTER TEACHER, has taught in 9 different high schools in NJ and NY and even taught English in Spain! She is currently in Mount Vernon, NY. She started this channel on January 1, 2021 when a student asked her to show him the classroom bulletin board!

Ms. Todoric currently teaches:
1. Integrated Office Apps
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Career and Financial Management CFM

Resources Used and Recommended: CareerZone – STATE of NY OLASJOBS, MONSTER, @ROBERTKIYOSAKI, @minorityminset Rich Dad Poor Dad Book, Think and Grow Rich Book by Napolean Hill, Entrepreneurship textbooks by McGraw Hill, YouTuber, Jaspreet Singh from Minority Mindset (Videos and Workbook), Rich Dad Poor Dad Channel Dave Ramsey – Money Makeover Workbook,
Ms. Todoric holds a BS in Business Management and a MS In Management & Policy along with Advanced Certificates in Human Resource Management and Information Systems. She is also a licensed realtor in NJ and enjoys viewing homes, taking pictures, investing and video creation. She loves to help others pursue their dreams by helping them with their resumes and getting them into the company of their choice.

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Student YouTubers: @hispanicpanic @stampede550 @chiiwvttz5856 @arzproductionsTV and more!

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