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Apple $135 A Buy?😳 Buy or sell APPL πŸ‘‰ Latest APPL News πŸ‘ˆ BUY APPLπŸ‘ˆ APPL Today | @Minority Mindset [Video]

Apple $135 A Buy?😳 Buy or sell APPL πŸ‘‰ Latest APPL News πŸ‘ˆ BUY APPLπŸ‘ˆ APPL Today | @Minority Mindset

IS APPLE STOCK @$135 A BUY?😳 What is going on with Apple now, Why APPL down lately, what smart money is doing & my perspective buy, sell or wait.

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I have my perspective on the topic, and the sections are time stamped below:

00:00. Introduction – Apple $135 A Buy? ..
00:43. What is going on ..
01:28. Why Apple stock down ..
02:28. What’s Smart Money is doing .. ..
03:45. My perspective (Buy Sell or wait ..)

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Disclaimer : –
I am not a financial advisor.
The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only.
There are financial risks associated with investing and for investment advice please seek the council of a financial or investment advisor(s) and do your own due diligence

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Financial Literacy

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Financial Literacy

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