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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Amazon Global Growth Hacks – Live Event [Video]

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Amazon Global Growth Hacks – Live Event

Amazon is a global platform, why aren’t you? Everyone talks about leveraging Amazon to sell across multiple geographies but how does that actually work? How do you set it up and is there more than one way to squeeze the Amazon juice overseas? In this live roadmap session, we’ll walk through how to go from selling on Amazon in the U.S. to proactively and effectively selling on Amazon outside the U.S.

We’ve brought Amazon’s Multi-channel Fulfillment team together with leading Amazon agencies to cover:

– Amazon growth features
– What is Amazon MCF and how can you leverage it to fulfill across multiple channels in overseas markets.
– When do you go from fulfilling your own orders cross-border to using Amazon’s FBA and MCF solutions?
– Amazon cross-border payment hacks that reduce your exchange rates and operational burden.
– Amazon content and brand building for overseas consumers

Contact the speaking organizations here:
– Alabama SBDC:
– Find your local SBDC here:
– Meet Evolved-Commerce here:
– Payoneer here:
– Amazon MCF here:
– US Commercial Service Module:
– Minority Business Development Agency here:

Access all the videos, slides, key take-aways, resources, application links and contact information inside the Amazon Global Growth Hacks roadmap here:
This event is made possible through a collaboration with esteemed partners such as Amazon, U.S. Commercial Service, Evolved Commerce, Payoneer, World Trade Center Northern California, and multiple @SBDCs led by visionary Carolyn Turner from the The Alabama International Trade Center. We’re also proud to have esteemed and partners such as Virginia SBDC, Illinois SBDC at Bradley University and New Hampshire Department of Business & Economic Affairs, Minority Business Development Agency – U.S. Department of Commerce among others.
Key topics that will be covered during the workshop include:

🚀 Amazon growth features
📦 Leveraging Amazon MCF to fulfill orders across multiple channels in overseas markets
🌍 Transitioning from fulfilling your own cross-border orders to utilizing Amazon’s FBA and MCF solutions
💰 Unlocking Amazon cross-border payment hacks to reduce exchange rates and operational burden
📢 Strategies for effective Amazon content and brand building for international consumers
This is a video forms part of a FREE platform to help you grow your sales across multiple channels and geographies.

Our entire platform is free to merchants because it is funded by government and industry grants and support.

Create your free account and access other free modules such as:
– How to sell directly to consumers in the Middle East, Latin America, SouthEast Asia, Europe, etc. through ecommerce
– How to properly sell online across multiple channels and to multiple geographies
– How to optimize your supply chain operations
– How to expand internationally without opening up a single overseas bank account
and many more.

Directly contact any of the speakers using their book-a-call and contact links within the program:

————–The Grow Big Initiative ——————-
The Grow Big Initiative (GBI) brings together best-in-breed industry experts, business leaders and government officials to re-tool and empower small and medium-sized companies to get online and start selling to multiple channels and geographies.

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