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2Day in Black Entrepreneurship: Betsy Hollingsworth [Video]

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2Day in Black Entrepreneurship: Betsy Hollingsworth #bfultonsbeautylounge #TrichoB

2Day in Black Entrepreneurship we honor Betsy Hollingsworth

Betsy “TrichoB” is the owner of BFulton’s Beauty Lounge Hair Restoration Center, in Stone Mountain GA, where tranquility fills the atmosphere. “No Head Left Behind.”

Ms. Carrie’s Baby made her entrance loud and bold in the summer of ‘77. Entrepreneurship was already forming in her womb. “I’ve been hustling hair since I was born.” It chose her. Even as a little girl she styled her dolls’ hair. As she matured, family, friends & classmates helped to build her clientele. As her passion grew her skills improved. Finally, she went from styling hair in her mother’s kitchen, to her own kitchen then to salon booths. She had worked in corporate America for 10 years. “I was one of their stellar employees trying to climb the corporate ladder, and I was always rejected despite my skill set. That’s when I started feeling stagnant.” In 2009 she left and never looked back..

Betsy has 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren who mean the world to her. “They are my why.” She shared that the biggest challenge is balancing work and personal life while successfully growing her business. To maintain balance she intentionally plans.

A few of her professional achievements are:
Atl’s Hottest Hair Stylist Award
Nominated by SBA awards Atlanta’s Best Colorist & Weave Specialist
Hosted “What Weave” courses where she trained stylists abroad.
Mentor to Junior Stylists
Certified Global Trichologist
Motivational Speaker & Educator

When asked for a word of encouragement to give other rising entrepreneurs she stated:
“Focus on your passion and purpose , be authentic , and do not focus on who supports you. Your passion and purpose is your biggest support system.”

Betsy has continually improved and reinvented herself over the years dedicating herself not just to the beauty of women’s hair but to healing each one from the inside out. The skill, customer service and quality treatment that you recieve when you walk into the Lounge will drive you there not just for a hair appointment. Your time is respected so if you stay longer than planned it’s because you are having so much fun. I can say that as a long time client who enjoys staying a little longer for a word of encouragement.

Betsy Hollingsworth thank you for your contribution to the History of Black Women Entrepreneurship.


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