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#25: Creating a Diverse, Literature Rich Education with Stories of Color [Video]

Diversity and Inclusion

#25: Creating a Diverse, Literature Rich Education with Stories of Color

Ever wondered how to infuse diversity into your homeschool curriculum effortlessly? 

Dive into this episode of The Feast Life podcast where host Julie Ross sits down with Nicole Cottrell, creator of Stories of Color. Nicole shares her journey of curating a diverse collection of living books for homeschoolers, providing invaluable resources for parents seeking to add more diversity to their children’s education. As they delve into the importance of representation in literature, Nicole offers insightful tips on navigating the homeschooling landscape with intentionality and inclusivity.

A little bit about Nicole Cottrell: 

Nicole Cottrell has accurately been described as a lover and a fighter. It is this passion she brings to her everyday life while homeschooling her three creative and kind teenagers alongside her entrepreneurial husband, Jonathan. She is the founder and curator of Stories of Color, a diverse book catalog and resource for homeschooling families and teachers pursuing a more representative education. When not watching true crime shows, Nicole enjoys teaching Shakespeare—but not necessarily geometry. She and her family call the Phoenix desert home, where the sunsets never disappoint. 


Where to find Nicole:

Stories of Color website (www.storiesofcolor.com (http://www.storiesofcolor.com/) )

Stories of Color Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/storiesofcolor_)

A free guide families can download to help them practically add more diversity to their homeschools (https://www.storiesofcolor.com/guides/incorporate-diversity-into-your-homeschool)


In this episode, you’ll learn:

1. How Stories of Color evolved from a personal need to a comprehensive online resource with over 3000 diverse living books, curated with meticulous attention to quality and cultural authenticity.

2. The significance of incorporating stories that serve as both mirrors and windows for children, reflecting their own experiences while opening their minds to diverse perspectives and cultures.

3. Practical strategies for integrating diversity into homeschooling, from selecting diverse literature to exploring multicultural art, music, and local community resources, fostering empathy and understanding in young learners.


Prefer video or closed captions? Watch all our episodes on YouTube. 



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